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What are the testing standards for disposable medical protective caps?

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Disposable medical protective caps are a class of medical protective products used to protect the head, face and neck of medical staff, disease control and epidemic prevention staff, and prevent direct contact with potentially infectious pollutants. Let's take a look at what are the testing standards for disposable medical protective caps?

Test standard for disposable medical protective caps: YY/T1642-2019

This standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, markings and instructions for use, packaging and storage of disposable medical protective caps.

This standard applies to disposable medical protective caps (hereinafter referred to as protective caps) worn by medical personnel, disease control and epidemic prevention staff when they come into contact with potentially infectious pollutants. Refer to this standard for medical protective caps for limited use.

This standard does not apply to medical radiation protection caps, disposable medical caps and disposable surgical caps.

YY/T1642-2019 Disposable medical protective cap testing items:

GB/T2410-2008 Determination of light transmittance and haze of transparent plastics

GB/T3923.1-2013 Textile Fabric Tensile Properties Part 1: Determination of Breaking Strength and Breaking Elongation (Strip Method)

GB/T4744 Textile Waterproof Performance Testing and Evaluation Hydrostatic Pressure Method

GB/T4745 Testing and Evaluation of Textile Waterproof Performance Dip Method

GB/T545-2014 Textile burning performance: Determination of vertical damage length, smoldering and after-burning time

GB/T12704.1-2009 Textile fabric moisture permeability test method Part 1: Moisture absorption method

GB/T14233.1-2008 Medical transfusion, blood transfusion, and injection equipment inspection methods Part 1: Chemical analysis methods

GB15979-2002 Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products

GB19082-2009 Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing

YY/T1642 test process of disposable medical protective cap:

1. Project application-submit an application to WorldCom Inspection and Supervision.

2. Data preparation-according to the standard requirements, the company prepares the relevant certification documents.

3. Product testing-the company sends samples to be tested to the laboratory for testing.

4. Preparation of reports-certification engineers prepare reports based on the qualified test data.

5. Submit for review-the engineer will review the complete report.

6. Issuing a certificate-after the report is verified, a test report is issued.

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