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Masks|The unit price exceeds 20 Euros!

Date: 7/17/2020 11:39:00 AM   Click: 2699

Masks|The unit price exceeds 20 Euros! The "most in single product" after the epidemic wave

According to LystIndex statistics, the mask with cross arrow print launched by the designer brand Off-White founded by VirgilAbloh is the most searched one among men's clothing items in the first quarter of this year, even though this mask was launched last autumn and winter product. But at the moment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks have become a basic necessity.

The unit price of Off-White masks on eBay has reached $250, but they are still popular. The mask market is flooding into more and more businesses. Uniqlo also launched a three-layer mask Airism in Japan this month, priced at about 63 yuan a bag, causing consumers to queue up all night to buy.

The popularity of masks in the Japanese market can be traced back to the Spanish flu in 1918 and the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. The air was full of dust. People need to wear masks to prevent inhalation. Before Covid-19, Japanese consumers used an average of 43 masks every year. Masks are also very common in China and South Korea. In heavily polluted large cities, masks are regarded as an important protective barrier.

Nowadays, affected by the epidemic, masks have become a daily necessities all over the world. Market demand has prompted more and more manufacturers to enter the hood market, and the market may be saturated now. Manufacturers said that the key to success is to innovate products quickly and continuously. With the spread of the epidemic, the Italian company FalieroSarti switched from producing scarves to producing masks. The company’s Monica Sarti said: “Manufacturers must make changes very, very quickly. Otherwise, consumers will easily lose interest in the brand.”

Sarti, the creative director of the brand, has collected materials that meet the hygiene standards of the Italian authorities with the help of other manufacturers in Prato, the textile region of Tuscany. The work from design to production is very fast: within 24 hours, a team of 10 people produced a high-end mask, and plans to sell it through Sarti's DTC channel. Monica Sarti even acted as a model herself-considering the restrictions on activities in Italy, she is one of only a few women in the company. After advertising through Facebook and Instagram, the product sold quickly, with daily sales of about 100 pieces.

Sarti's masks sell for between 23 and 26 euros online, which is an example of using social media to realize product monetization. In mid-March, Facebook decided to ban advertisements for masks on the platform to prevent companies from using this health crisis to make money. But shortly after the World Health Organization recommended wearing masks in public places, the platform lifted the ban in June this year.

As manufacturers such as Faliero Sarti turned to mask manufacturing, orders on social media platforms quickly peaked. In Italy, demand for FalieroSarti masks has declined, prompting the company to develop more products. Sarti has launched a version of headscarf masks with a slightly higher price than masks, which also helps it re-use the scarf inventory accumulated in the company's factories.

Scientists’ recognition drives sales of masks

Initially, many countries questioned whether masks are really useful, but in recent weeks, people have consistently adopted a positive attitude towards masks, which has had a broader impact on today’s fastest-growing fashion category. Before vaccination is in place, governments and health authorities around the world may vigorously promote the use of masks. According to Edited, the sales of masks soared by 48% that week since the UK imposed masks on public transport in mid-June. Apparel companies are more confident to innovate and develop masks at higher prices to stand out in a saturated market. “Nowadays, whether you are poor or rich, young or old, fashionable or simple, you need to wear masks. Now that masks have become a necessity, why not make them look better?” Forrester Vice President and Chief Analyst Sucharita Kodali Say.

Masks are an easy-to-manufacture product, and many retailers from the American luxury department store Nordstrom to mainstream retailer Gap have flooded into the mask market. The online platform trading market Etsy’s market share has tripled in the past few months because sellers on the platform have sold a large number of specially designed masks on it (Etsy initially banned the sale of masks until the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that 4 People are advised to use masks at the beginning of the month).

Uniqlo's entry into the market with carefully designed super-practical and functional masks has attracted strong attention from many parties. Emily Gordon Smith, Director of Consumer Products at Stylus, said that the demand for "technology-enhanced masks" that can isolate small particles but look fashionable is growing.

MatsGeorgson, chief marketing officer of the Swedish chemical company Polygiene, said that this kind of market trend is something he has never seen during his business. The company mainly provides antiviral and antibacterial products for clothing. The company’s customers are traditional fashion and sportswear manufacturers, but they have also been experimenting with various fabrics to determine whether they are suitable for masks. He said: "They are trying different niche markets and market segments to attract different types of people."

With the saturation and maturity of the market, it is still unclear whether consumers will buy masks from brands they have always liked, or whether they will seek more and more professional mask brands. Sean Geaney, the founder of the British sustainable clothing brand Wawwa, pointed out that masks have changed from their most popular product to an add-on in the consumer purchase process. However, he said that this is an important improvement. "Previously, consumers would usually add a pair of socks to make up an order."

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